Gregery Miller works as an illustrator and animation background artist on films, tv series, games, and comics. He is currently working as a background artist on his fifth production with Titmouse Animation Studio. In the past he has worked in similar roles with Warner Bros Animation, Transistor Studios and Clambake Animation. Greg's work can be seen in The Hospital, Metalocalypse, Marvel's Loki, Mortal Kombat: Cage Match, and The Midnight Gospel. He has also illustrated comics such as YuleShiprock & Anchordog, and his own series, The Tales of Reverie


Greg has contributed to lots of exciting projects over the years. You can learn more about them on his CV tab at the top of this page. 


Most of his artwork is for sale, so feel free to reach out and inquire if anything interests you or if you'd like to hire him for a commission. You can learn more under the commissions tab above. 


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